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How To Handle The Growth Of The Mould And Repair The Damps With Paints?

Damps and molds are the two toughest situations which you may need to handle for your home. But the very common mistake that we often do to overcome the look is do the painting and that too DIY. It would again be the same if you are trying to make it proper with the paints. That is the solution for few months which would worsen again.

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Now talking about the permanent solution, painting can do so. But you need to consult with the professionals who will help you get the thing right. To detect the original problem of the damp is very important. You can detect it and then work on it. Working on the damp can be done with the colors which are known as the damp proof paints.

Different types of the paints

There are different damp proof paints which are available in the market or different problem. You can have a detailed idea about them:

  • Anti-condensation paints: This paint contains materials which can help to enhance the thermal performance of the surfaces on which the paint has to be applied. It will relatively reduce the wetness and the mold growth too if they are caused by the cold surfaces.
  • Anti- mould paints: these paints contain fungicides. Thus it would kill the mould spores which would prevent the spread of the mould. But this is a very much temporary solution which can stop the mould growth for 5+ years.
  • Waterproof paints: These paints actually work as sealants which would stop the moisture from entering inside the wall of the house. Thus without the moisture, the mould would not be able to grow or increase.


With the damp, the growth of the mould also increases. So you have to look after the process of cutting the condensation process. Exterior house painting and repair Vancouver can help you do so effectively.

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